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            TRIP TO MOOREA - French Polynesia  2008

Country: Moorea - French Polynesia
Location: 17 Kilometers North West of Tahiti
Travel Time: 35 Minutes on and Express Ferry 10 minutes on a plane

Moorea is situated 17km North West of Tahiti and unlike its sister island is surrounded by a barrier reef so it offers amazing aquamarine crystal clear lagoons for perfect freeride in between coral and white sandy beaches.


Kitesurf Locations on the island


On the west coast has one of the islands best known reef breaks famous to surfers and kitesurfers around the world.  About 10 minutes walk up from Marks place a wonderful lodge in Haapiti there is an entry to a wharf where you can rig up and kite out to a nice left hander on a reef channel about a 1Km offshore.  This spot works well on a South Easterly and wave heights are manageable from 2-2.5m in size.  This spot is suitable for advanced kiters who've had experience in these conditions due to its coral minefield strong cross shore winds, water depth and choppy conditions.  

Les Tipaniers

If you travel up the North West side of the island you'll come to a beach resort calld Les Tipaniers which is the Mecca of flat water kiting in Moorea.  There's less coral to navigate through crystal clear waters and a small reef break of 1-3m and as tides don't really change in the islands you’re only looking at a 50cm difference so no need to worry about tide times here. In this spot there are also plenty of cool things to do whilst waiting for the wind to come up.  From this spot you can kayak out to the right of the beach 500m from the shore and swim with Moorea rays a ray native to Moorea with no barbs and super friendly they'll literally come up and sniff you like little dogs(there are a few biggies though) in this spot reef sharks can also be found.  To the left of the beach there is a Mutu (Small Island) called Fareone that you can kayak or kite to which has great snorkelling spots and spots to sun yourself away from the main island and a little cafe for those who need to refresh themselves.
The wind best wind directions here would be a North Easterly, East North East or Easterly


One last favourite spot would be Temae a white sandy beach which is situated on the east coast 5 minutes South of the ferry and 2km North of the airport, again a beautiful clear lagoon. 
Best wind directions in this spot would be South Easterly or Easterly


Best months to go

May - September are the windiest Months delivering mainly South Easterly Winds and June - September are the most reliable months.  From May to October the wind averages around 20-40+ knots and with an air temperature of 25-30C and a water temperature of 27-29C one can't really complain!

How to get there

To get there we suggest taking the Express Ferry from Papete it's cheap as far as transport goes in Tahiti and only takes you about 35 minutes travel time. 



For accommodation well you can make this as expensive or inexpensive as you like you just have to do your research.  If you want a really nice place that's well priced you can look at the lodges or Pensions as they call them instead of resorts.  We recommend Marks Place Haapiti Moorea, it's self contained lodging in a slice of paradise and self catering too so you can figure out your own budget Not to mention Mark is the most wonderful person who will cater to your every whim and make your stay the most enjoyable relaxing experience not to mention give you all the information on 101 free activities or anything you need on the island.


Food wise the best places to get food are the magsin (a little local supermarkets/Dairy's) where you can get fresh bread fruit meat for sandwich’s eggs beer etc (beer try Hinau you can swap your bottles for 60cfp of the next one. Also good is the Tuna at the fish markets you can pick up big steaks for NZ $10 and if you’re eating out you can find a reasonbly priced pizza cafe or a must try Possion Cru the French Tahitian raw fish in coconut delicious!!



One thing we recommend if you’re going to the islands is take some good sunblock a rashy and glasses/wet glasses are recommended on the water as the water is beautiful and crystal clear but a killer on the eyes... oh and don't forget the Mozzie repellent coils and spray they don't carry malaria but they're on the prowl 24/7.

Simply put, this place is paradise for Kiters... the food is delicious the people are wonderful and you won't want to leave.

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